Needs Specific Gratitude

Our relationships sometimes need us to blow some life into the spark.
Try this.
At the end of each day, tell your child, your partner, or yourself what need was met by a particular choice or action.
Here are some examples:
When you offered to get my drink at dinner, that met my need for support, consideration, and love.
When you put your shoes in your shoe bin right after you got home from school, that helped me with the order, predictability, and cleanliness I value.
When you looked at me and smiled while we were out with our friends and I was talking about something that makes me feel vulnerable, that supported my need to be known and accepted for who I am.
When I chose to spend 15 minutes to myself this morning, that honored my needs for rest and relaxation.
See if you can share one specific gratitude for at least one choice or action each day.
Grace in, peace out,

If you need to refer to a list of needs, below is one of my favorite lists by Jim and Jori Manske:
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