Do the best you can

What if.....

The soul doesn’t separate, the ego does.

The soul doesn’t need security, the ego does.

Every form of religion could support the ego and focus on (a false sense) of security, through means of control, separation, and discrimination to the point of violence - which feeds fear and therefore more followers seeking its “comfort.”  I fear many religions do.

Every form of religion could support the soul and focus on understanding our ego’s desires and our soul’s desires.  They can teach us to listen to the soul, to seek the collective soul, to use our ego’s triggers as a way to uncover our longings to understand, love, and connect to the point of unity - which feeds compassion and therefore more followers seeking its “comfort.” I fear many religions don't.  

I'm sad that within

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The faster I go, the more lost I get

It is an old and ironic habit of human beings to run faster when we have lost our way. ~Rollo May

In the study of Spiritual Direction, we cover the history of Christian Spirituality as well as the nuts and bolts of psychology, sociology, psychotherapy, covering our development as human and spiritual beings as groups and individually.  One of the most fascinating aspects of the human species is the relationship between doing and being.  I believe that our reactions are not predetermined, but are highly influenced by our capacity to learn and adjust to years of past experience and the unique combination, sequence, and interpretation of raw data we've collected since before we were born.

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Pick up the call

Friday, on my way to The Spiritual Direction Institute class, I made my weekly call to my grandmother.  During our call she struggled to hear me.  She normally needs to take out her hearing aids because the buzz when she's on the phone.  She really enjoys hearing about our kids and stories of our daily lives.  I really enjoy her witty sense of humor as I usually arrive to my next destination with all my eye makeup cried away from intense laughter.  On this week's call she was asking to repeat the stories and was answering with generic responses.  By the end of our call, she started

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As I study and reflect on much of my journey and the graces that brought me from darkness to light, from seeming dead endings to new beginnings, I realize more and more that even in the best of circumstances, surrounded by the most supportive people, in the end, we must free ourselves. In order to be the best advocate I can be for the freedom and liberation of others, I must come from the most widespread and sturdy foundation of grace and peace. 
We must free ourselves from our;
and shame.

The more of these we release,
the more space we make for grace and peace.