Skywoman Falling

Page 3 (The first page with text after the title page) 
of Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Blackout Poem (Lectio Divina Daily Practice)


She fell the lights streamed empty was the grave

she spiraled in a wave of life the beat

Of wings the only home she’d ever known

the warm embrace of love so it began.





Can I maintain my daily practice and create one blackout poem a day, going page by page through Robin Wall Kimmerer’s book Braiding Sweetgrass? I don’t know yet, but I’ll say, ”Yes.”


post #282, doing this thing since 1/10/2009 and expanding the audience at the rate of about 1 per year... Ok by me, it frees me to share without worry about what ‘my people’ will think. We are related and/or familiar enough to love each other unconditionally. Let all the feels fall, fly, and be free.


I see how to exist beyond the page.

The tangled bursts are bound in nests of rage. 

Then once with swirls of wind and whirls of breath,

The mad makes way the whimsy marks of play. 

The stillness strikes in white without a word. 

The lift of peace, the flight of birds, away. 


See the painting, read left to right, 


Inspired by Cy Twomby’s Say Goodbye, Catullus, to the Shores of Asia Minor with prompting from the Menil WITS Writer in Residence, Elizabeth Keel.