Do the best you can

What if.....

The soul doesn’t separate, the ego does.

The soul doesn’t need security, the ego does.

Every form of religion could support the ego and focus on (a false sense) of security, through means of control, separation, and discrimination to the point of violence - which feeds fear and therefore more followers seeking its “comfort.”  I fear many religions do.

Every form of religion could support the soul and focus on understanding our ego’s desires and our soul’s desires.  They can teach us to listen to the soul, to seek the collective soul, to use our ego’s triggers as a way to uncover our longings to understand, love, and connect to the point of unity - which feeds compassion and therefore more followers seeking its “comfort.” I fear many religions don't.  

I'm sad that within

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The key 2 peace

I think the Key to Peace is compassion and it is deepens by practicing; 

paying attention in the moment, to be present and open to what truly is.

regulating our emotions and connecting with our feelings. 

identifying the needs we are longing for and  

recognizing and honoring that everyone else has those same needs and that they are doing the best they can with their unique experience, exposure, and resources they currently have.

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Pick up the call

Friday, on my way to The Spiritual Direction Institute class, I made my weekly call to my grandmother.  During our call she struggled to hear me.  She normally needs to take out her hearing aids because the buzz when she's on the phone.  She really enjoys hearing about our kids and stories of our daily lives.  I really enjoy her witty sense of humor as I usually arrive to my next destination with all my eye makeup cried away from intense laughter.  On this week's call she was asking to repeat the stories and was answering with generic responses.  By the end of our call, she started

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Each Moment

It is only when I do your work that pride has no meaning for me.

My eyes rest on the present moment. Only on what exists in your presence to be found in this moment.

Things that seem to be important in our world are shallow, meaningless, and melt away.

I release the grasp of the brass ring, the empty promises of our culture, and my heart is fully at peace.

I love and am loved and I rest my body and its longings. Your glory is waiting for me to let go and become still so it can be revealed.

Within me you live and move and breathe.

Allow my peace and connection with you be a way for others to see your grace.

Let me not be tempted to turn away from this knowing and being.

Rewrite of Psalm 131, written 1/25/13