The key 2 peace

I think the Key to Peace is compassion and it is deepens by practicing; 

paying attention in the moment, to be present and open to what truly is.

regulating our emotions and connecting with our feelings. 

identifying the needs we are longing for and  

recognizing and honoring that everyone else has those same needs and that they are doing the best they can with their unique experience, exposure, and resources they currently have.

managing our perception and keeping our own satisfaction within reach. 

being aware of our choices with respect to our needs and others’ needs so that we do not harden our hearts with judgments and comparisons, 

engaging our creativity and autonomy by collaborating and finding new strategies, staying open to growing and learning and not getting attached to strategies and outcomes. 

catching and transforming our judgmental thoughts so that they can be used for self awareness rather than making automatic ego responses on our behalf.

practicing gratitude in a way that is intentional, specific, authentic, and informative.

processing regret in a way that is informative, healing, and authentic

resolving conflict in a way that is mutually beneficial, respectful, loving, creative, and that bolsters unity, compassion, and hope.

Coming soon, a small workbook, A Path to Peace paved in 10 minute practices.