One more kiss before you go....

This morning as I was readying to leave for my 8:30a class, I noticed that I was running late and yet not stressed out about it.  My husband asked me to get something out of his car.  Our four yr old and I said our goodbyes with our usual kiss on the cheek.  I went out to the car and came back in.  As soon as I opened the door, our daughter said, "oh mom, did you forget your phone?" I replied, "No, I'm bringing Dada something from the car."  I went back out to the car and searched for my phone.  Our daughter was right, I had left my phone.  Staying calm and not stressed, I walk back in the house and told her she was right while I started searching for my phone.  I found it and headed back to the front door.  As I passed our daughter, I said, "Ok, I'm leaving for real this time."  She got a sweet grin on her face and giggled a little bit while she pointed to her left cheek and said, "hahaha, you almost forgot to kiss this cheek!"

I am always amazed at how much joy, love, and sweet connection is available in the present moment.  It doesn't matter how mundane it might seem superficially as we pass back and forth through our regular routine, when we are engaged, awake, and participating, there are opportunities everywhere.  I am so grateful that I was not attached to the timing of my departure or stressed about getting there.  Instead, we had sweet moments of joy, connection, and play.

Grace in, peace out