Religious Reframing - The Second Coming

At this point in my life, I do not believe that heaven only exists out beyond death and that God is out there in space.  I believe that Sacred Mystery is within each of us and that we are all part of it.  I believe that heaven exists here and now and that we experience it when we are present in the moment and  awakened from our routines, outside of "the system" as Dr. Kerley describes.  We have opportunities to not necessarily tap into, but to realize that we are always tapped into something unifying, life-giving, and beautiful beyond words.

This morning I wondered, what would life be like if I look at  the phrase "second coming", differently.
Upon hearing the messages from the pulpit at a very early age, I remember thinking that I wasn't good and that I would never be good enough.   I am so grateful for the spiritual teachers that are helping shift this belief system I took on as a child.  I think it is very hard to receive grace, live with less judgment and be courageous enough to connect deeply with others if we are constantly regretting our choices, and fearing a God that condemns.  For me at least, this kind of thinking puts my internal system into overdrive.  My ego goes wild with justifications, rationalizations, and tactics that only separate me from my true self and others.  My guess is, it completely distracts me from beautiful, sacred mystery.

What if I focus on preparing for the next second coming?
Will I be awake, aware, open, and loving?
If I am still, if my worries fade, if I stop trying to fix the past and orchestrate the future, what kind of grace, peace, and love will show up in the next second coming?
If my calculations are correct, we have 86,400 chances each day to show up for the second coming.

Grace in, peace out