I love succulent plants.

New Life

I love that the plant is made to receive and hold water for long periods of drought.
I love that you can start an entirely new plant from a broken part of a succulent plant.  
I love that one blade that is torn, cut, or fallen from the stalk can generate a new plant.  
I love that the wound can be cleaned up, the rough or torn edges be evened out.
I love that the leaf needs to be left alone (to dry) for a few days.
I love that tender pink roots stretch out and find the soil beneath it.
I love my memories of dozens of succulent plants in various pots on every horizontal surface in the sun room next to the farm kitchen.
I love their gardener, Mike Smith.
I love that he showed me how to love each of them.  
I love that every blade, every form, every type, reminds me of him.

When we move back into our home, I will have some of them in the window of the new kitchen.  I will hang this painting on the wall so that a little bit of Mike's spirit and a little bit of that farm kitchen will be with me morning, noon, and night.

Grace in, peace out

full of juice; juicy.
rich in desirable qualities.
affording mental nourishment.
(of a plant) having fleshy and juicy tissues.
a succulent plant, as a sedum or cactus.