Our son recently described to me the difference between what he perceived as his friends acting confident and acting cocky.  He said that when you feel good about your ability and are comfortable with others being good at it too, then you are confident.  When you can only feel good about your abilities when others do not, then you are bullying and acting cocky.  It made me think about the concept of scarcity and what our egos evaluate as being and having "enough."

I've had enough of the side effects that come from our egos thinking there isn't enough.  That we're not enough.

When we begin the inner work of recognizing our longing, accepting ourselves, objectively viewing reality, and opening to the possibility that everything we need is already here waiting on the other side of our cloudy and preoccupied lenses, then we see we are enough and there is enough for everyone.

Our egos fight for, repress, alienate, and bully others over things there's plenty of.
Don't buy into "scare city," wake up, pay attention, there is enough
What we lack  are strategies that allow these to be distributed with respect to each other equally.

My favorite lens cleaner, inner tour guide, and strategic planner, comes from the work of Marshall Rosenberg and falls under the label of Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication (NVC)

Grace in peace out