staying plugged in

This little clip is pretty much a mission statement for the path I'm on.  I contend that we need to do this for our girls too, coming from a girl who learned how to "get plugged back in" from my kids.  I've said this before but when I was full on taking the challenge of equality for women, I turned my back on my heart.  I didn't see that there was an ability to stay  connected to my heart in the competitive corporate environment.  I remained constantly in
conflict with how I thought I needed to think and behave and how my heart tugged at me to be considerate, empathetic, understanding and nonviolent.  Taking this conflict home to my family and trying to switch to a tender-hearted mom gave me vertigo and a feeling of whiplash every morning and every night.  I hope that other working moms do this better than I did, I would hate for so many to feel the way I did.  I certainly don't want our children to have to go through this dualistic living.
What if we build on what we're born with (compassion, Buddha nature- whatever you call it) instead of disconnecting and hopefully reconnecting (head and heart) when we're less interested in competition, comparison, and control?  What if more people lived their adolescence and early adulthood with their heads, hearts, and hands open?  This takes courage and vulnerability.  If you've ever seen a community of adolescents that have the ability to do this, you will understand how powerful, beautiful, and utterly inspiring it is.  If you've seen a man able to operate with this wholeness in a competitive environment, you know the beauty of it.  This is what equips us for peace (a nonviolent revolution). 
 - steps off soapbox- and smiles ;-)

If you are married to a man that is plugged in, emotionally intelligent and self actualized, thank him and the powers that be. It is a gift to have a husband and a parenting partner that is an example for children, co-workers, friends, etc.  Make sure he knows that his strength of character, his level of courage to bring this into the world as it is, despite the teasing he has endured, makes him more powerful than any man who achieves great success at the expense of another.  (Thanks Eric, you and your friends that are also connected, are inspirations for us!)
To me a hero is someone who's mind and body acts on the longing, the pulling of the heart (spirit).  Think about all the stories of heroes, this connection with the heart is what I think is the common thread.  I hope this thread becomes more common.  As parents, we can equip everyday heroes, starting by being examples and following by teaching emotional intelligence and compassionate communication.

Grace in, peace out

Thanks for the fb Pen Morrison.  I hadn't seen this clip before.