Love needs no language.

One of the profound lessons that Robert Gonzalez's workshop on Deepening into Living Compassion offered, was an exercise of sensing a need at a moment it was fulfilled.
We started with love.  When thinking of when my heart was filled to capacity, I remembered when the boys and I had a beautiful moment hanging out inside a tent in their bedroom.  I wrote about that moment in this post from August 2010. 
During the NVC workshop, we spent several moments visualizing and sensing within our bodies what that fullness of love really felt like, we were instructed to turn to our partner for the
exercise and describe in words what it felt like.
With each need that we explored, but especially with love, it was so easy to notice that our words fall short.  If we attempt to move from our bodies and the fullness in our heart to our minds and try to find language to demonstrate, something gets lost in translation. Metaphors and poetry may be as close as we can get.  If you think about holding a newborn baby for the first time, you experience something that is beyond words.  Our older son, upon meeting his little brother asked if he could hold him in his lap.  We gave our 3 year old some clear instructions and handed him the little bundle we call Link. Chase was so filled by this experience that he stared in awe and wonder as sweet tears ran down his cheek.  He was speechless, as were we.  
I suppose when I had this same kind of moment with them a few years ago, it is no surprise that no words were exchanged or needed.  We come into this world with an absolute need to communicate love without language.  Love is universal, I think we really have to get out of our heads and into our hearts to let if flow in all its fullness in all directions.

Grace in, peace out.