A mindful moment

After the first day back in school, the boys celebrated the completion of their homework by hanging out in a tent in the bedroom watching a movie. After putting their 6 month old sister down for the night, I joined them in this tiny tent. Suddenly I was struck with how quickly they grow and how much we run around from place to place and from goal to goal without really being mindful of the gifts of each moment. I reached over and put the palm of my hand around our middle son's cheek. Without saying anything, he turned his head and looked in my eyes, I could see all of his muscles begin to relax. He lowered his head onto his big brother's shoulder. Immediately I noticed his brother relax all of his muscles then rest his head on top of his brother's head.
All of this exchange happened in about 10 seconds without a word. It doesn't take long to reach out and receive the gifts that are offered in seconds and are within arm's reach.