A Holiday Plea - Give it and receive it, don't judge it.

art by Chase
I was about to jump off Facebook for the holidays when I realized, maybe I should just ask for what I want before I go....
Would it be too much to ask if we stop talking about and publicizing issues that polarize and divide us for a week or so? How about we focus on what brings us together and agree that each of us brings a unique way of sharing it?  We really have no need to tell each other the best way, how, why, when or where. We've been told we don't need to be the judge.
How we each bring it IS the best way. 
We give and receive it through our own lens, each one of us with our own human limitations.  Can we stop focusing on the lens, and focus on the subject?

Lose sight of your own eyes and focus on the prize.

LOVE is the subject and the verb.  Adjectives and adverbs please take the back seat, at least for a while.