Richard Rohr's meditation on the narrow road

Richard Rohr's meditation this morning is a good example of how the principles and practices of Nonviolent Communication become a framework for contemplative spiritual work in ordinary life.  I am specifically reminded of the basis of NVC that we all have the same needs and are absolutely equal in our right to meet those needs and the practice of observation without evaluation.  When we can strip away our filters as much as possible to "report like a camera", and differentiate ourselves from how our filters (jackal show) are interpreting reality, then we can walk on this narrow road.  I am so grateful for the St. Paul's Spiritual Formation group and the Ordinary Life class, Houston's NVC community, Enneagram and the Spiritual Direction Institute at the Cenacle.  All these communities and their offerings help steer me back on this path through practice and radical acceptance.  Some of us wanderers (egos) need a lot of support finding this narrow road over and over again.
Grace in, peace out