Thank you for seeing the light in me.


She said,
"Thank you for seeing the light in me."
As these words came from Tamika's mouth
my anxious mind zoomed in on
each word.
They released the worry, fears, and concerns that distract.
I was present to her warm smile and relaxed brows.
My heart filled with gratitude for our
We'd only seen each other a handful of times
over many years. In each encounter,
I've always left feeling jubilant, giddy, with a sense of being
deeply seen, known, heard, and loved for
who I am
what I do.
I've tried to make my work support who I am.
So many parts of the job distract me from my truest purpose.
I get consumed by the "efficacy" metrics,
the numbers, traffic, sales conversions.
It is all of these that tend to keep me from being me,
a connector of dots of light.
I see light.
I see light in people
and in creatures.
When all the light escapes me
and I no longer occupy
space here,
what I want to be remembered for is
the light I saw in you.
I see your light.
My heart smiles with yours.
Nothing else I've done here
matters any more than that.