Complain or Come plain?

Come plain to the moment

Come plain to the moment

Why do I practice?

Why do I need trusted, well grounded teachers?

Because I am not fed by only viewing life through the lens of my ego.

Because the use of Sacred text to control, intimidate, and shame people kept me from the gifts of it for most of my life. Because teachers like Father Philip Chircop find the love and compassion in the text and guide me to not only hear my inner voice but to trust it.

I recently ran across this reflection from a reading of the passage Matthew 20; 1-6.  Fr. Chircop was inspiring our class at the Spiritual Direction Institute at the Cenacle to remain lifelong learners. I had just met Rev. Dr. Matt Russell so his influence was strong in helping me connect with my vocation in the "deep river of Yes!"

I am glad I ran across this while preparing to lead a retreat.  I share in case my teachers' wisdom can inspire you too.

Do not complain


Come plain

Come to the present moment without

comparison, expectation

or inordinate attachment.

Do not miss the merciful gift that is present in;

the breath

the light

the ground

the companion

When you wake, when you listen

when you come

they are here

as they are for every one.


Let me come to this way of service 

without expectation, not seeking

favor or reward

but to learn with 

and be an equal student with

others receiving the mercy 

and flowing in the river of

grace and love.