The aim of our attention. Walking with intention.


It is no wonder the shadow gets so big when we aim so much light in one direction.
We each have a responsibility to shift this tide by turning the attention inward and the intention forward.

'be the change you want to see in the world' - Ghandi. 

We must vote in November. But we must remember that we vote every moment of every day. The future is also dependent on how these decisions create the world we live in. We need to use our lights to guide ourselves, to see every one, not every 'other.' 
Government can regulate less when we self-regulate more.
Those with less can have more when we release the myth of scarcity and hoard less.
Bridges are built when we stop seeing each as other.
What if the hero we seek is in us?
What if we are saved every time we accept a part of ourselves we don't want to face?
What if this force in us comes (back) alive when we recognize the force and see someone we don't yet know or understand?
There's no time to push the action of progress out in the future. We cannot afford to relieve our own burdens by putting all of the responsibility and blame on some figure's shoulders.  It is time to march in these shoes, in our stories, toward one another.

What if we aimed our light on our own path? What if we find ourselves converging toward the light? Our shadows disappear.