National Pet Memorial Day 2016

In our human narrative we live a myth of independence, a myth of separate existence.

This myth falls away when we connect with our furry loved ones. 

Through the power of love, they teach us that deep connection transcends the myth of separation of body, words, and beliefs.

We share mindful silence, deep presence, a non-verbal connection that brings us into their world.

Our deep connections are made in slow, mindful presence,
Their love pulls us into relationship
Without judgment
Without comparison
Without competition
With compassion
With forgiveness
With gratitude for routines and expectations
With gratitude for surprises

They bring us deeply into a more loving relationship with them.
They bring us deeply into a more loving understanding of ourselves.

They teach us to love without words.
After they are gone, they teach us to love beyond physical form.

As we grieve, we find in silence both sadness and presence. 
May our silence hold absence and presence.
May our sadness from the physical absence be broken with remembrance of how our sweet friends teach us to find presence in the silence. They teach us to transcend the myth of separation of body, words, and beliefs.

We pause to honor all they teach us without a word.
We honor their return to everything.
Return to the wave. 
Return to the air.
Return to the earth.
Return to the stars.

Silence is not made of absence.
In silence we find the sustaining presence of love.
Not absence, but the presence of everything.

Deep peace of the running wave to you
Deep peace of the flowing air to you
Deep peace of the quiet earth to you
Deep peace of the shining stars to you
Deep peace of sustaining love to you

Let us hold the presence of all of these in a moment of silence.

In their lasting love,


*Deep Peace prayer from the Iona Community

Written for the Memorial at Heights Women's Club Last Wishes National Pet Memorial Day 2016, "Because We Always Remember"