Kids Making a Difference

Below is the chapter topics of a handbook I started writing for teens back in 2009.  These chapters will give examples of milestones and obstacles kids have come across while directing their skills, talents, and purpose towards a cause they are passionate about.
Over the next year, I hope to finish this book and develop practices for youth.
1.  Identify the one thing that inspires you the most.
2.  Discover the reasons you feel so strongly about the issue/cause.
3.  Look at all of the projects and teams you've worked with in the past.
4.  Identify each team member's set of strengths and unique skills.
5.  Make a list of your strengths, talents, and areas you want to learn more about.
6.  Make a list of the types of obstacles you and teammates have met in the past.
7.  Find an ally.  Who do know that shares this passion or vision?
8.  Work with your ally to identify your mission and set goals.
9.  Manage your project, resources, and learn to look at obstacles as opportunities.
10. Track progress and learn how to celebrate, grieve, and adjust your tactics and goals.