Beyond words

This morning I was reminded of the most important moment I've ever shared with my father. 
My heart was freshly broken by a boyfriend, I was sobbing uncontrollably.  My dad offered outstretched arms. He held me while I continued to sob.  He didn't say a word.  When I stopped crying and pulled myself together, I looked up at him and tears were streaming down his cheek. .

No matter what was ever said or done in our relationship after that, if I could pull up that memory, it affirmed our bond more than any words ever could.

Nearly 25 Years of Fathering -- and All I've Got Are These 3 Lousy Tips

When I read the fathering article in the link above this morning, I was filled with gratitude for a moment and all that its sweet memory does to fill my heart.

I hope for this for fathers and daughters and fathers and sons everywhere.

Grace in, peace out