Acting 'as if'

Below is a post from last December.  I thought about this as I put together a presentation on the "Cloud of Unknowing" which primarily addresses our inability as humans to describe and comprehend God.  
A few years ago, I had lunch with a friend who was grieving the loss of her mother.  She asked me several questions about my spirituality.  I had been away from organized religion for many years and had recently been dealing with a lot of what I call "grown up" issues.  I considered myself spiritual, mostly feeling connected to sacred mystery when roaming around in the woods where I grew up.  In college, I lost my desire to connect with organized religion because I sensed subtle and sometimes blatant inconsistencies with Jesus' teachings on forgiveness and inclusiveness.  For many years, I considered myself spiritual but not religious.  My dear friend and I found ourselves debating the potential for anything larger than us existing.  Our debate settled on something very simple.  Regardless of if we can agree on what does or doesn't exist beyond our understanding, why don't we just act "as if" there is something greater than us, surrounding us, within us, that wants us all to be connected, to bring our best selves to this shared oneness.  What would life be like if we acted "as if?"

Tis the season to prepare, act, love, and live as if.....