Yesterday, I was triggered by a redirection that was made while I was talking about something I am very passionate about.  Later I found myself all wrapped up in wondering if I was on the right path, whether or not I should be following my calling in this way.  I really value that we take responsibility for the choices we make and how they effect our own experience and the way they impact the world.  I have a desire to simplify and to be respectful of how much of the world's resources we as individuals consume.  I want to be accountable and I don't want to blame the situation we find ourselves in on others.  I am very protective of when the others being blamed are the younger generation.  While I was stewing over my perception of not being heard, of my judgment brain convincing me that I was on the wrong path, I recalled something my son said earlier the same day.
After watching "Call of the Wildman", our fourteen year old son said, "so if you live in the country with a lot less stuff, you could make enough money with a less pressured job and probably be happier.  I mean if you just didn't buy a bunch of stuff to show off to other people, you wouldn't need to make so much money to pay for all of it."  I hadn't preached any of this to our son.  He had no knowledge of what I had just been through.  He was expressing his view and I heard him without influencing or shaping his view.  I am grateful for the clarity, connection, and authenticity this moment provided.
I realized that I am probably on my right path and that I won't be understood or heard in all situations and that the real goal is to be true to myself and to support what is true for our kids.
Grace in, peace out