Free to be me, wherever I be

Wholeness is about integrating your fragments.  To me, it's about being able to be who you are, wherever you are.

What if you could show up as YOU;
behind the wheel, driving?
in the desk chair, working?
around the circle at Sunday School, listening?
over a morning coffee with friends, talking?

Years ago, I never thought it would be possible for me to show up in all those places as one unified "me."

I was so fragmented.  I realize now that my ego, poor self esteem, and separate fragments were battling for me to 'feel' good enough, to 'do' good enough that the real me hardly showed up in any of those places except as a victim because I felt so powerless.

What I realize now is that there is nothing more important than being myself in all those situations.

What matters is that I am good enough to be exactly who I am everywhere I go.  I am rewarded for this with deeper, genuine, honest connections.  I am blessed with the ability to laugh at my ego's ways of puffing itself up when I least expect it so I can be humble enough to bring my real self back to the surface when that happens.  I am rewarded with moments of peace, grace, and joy.  I am rewarded with many more deep connections and friends that know and love me, not my shell.  The best reward of all is that others are comfortable enough around me to share their true selves and their journeys.  These are the moments that community is like heaven on earth.  Connecting at this level is honoring our oneness.  That is wholeness.