Linkism- make a difference

Our 10 year old son wrote this last night and ask that I share this Linkism.

Life is such an amazing thing, it allows us to eat fruit, be healthily and happy, and adaptation, sound vibrations, condensation, evaporations, life cycle plant cycle, GRAVITY allows us to move without flying into the air, you name it. But what or WHO is behind all this miracle, clues for future generations, all three laters of the great man bring together nations, people, animals. Who is this MYSTERIOUS but WONDER full man? Who cares the color of this man? Not anyone. Who cares if he has blue eyes or brown eyes? His name is GOD and his unforgettable tales of mystery of adventure, fable or true, this man was chosen to help the earth and he did and we all should stand at his side to help and SAVE our planet from dying
because how do you like it when you just finished an essay and then "your dog ate it" or "ummm I lost it" and you get no credit from whom you report it to? Will god help and save us? We can at least help him in a tiny favor from everyone to save the earth and help our home for he is what changed the lives of thousands. We need to help before it's too late you can do one at least one thing a day to help and save everyone because one little person can change the world right? Jesus was once a kid and look how he effected everyone. Now it's your time, little ol you, to make a difference no matter what the fame or wealth everyone can help! Let all the great people in your life have mercy and not pity on you. Let love go through your body and god will always be with you even when you can't see him. Let no regrets go through your mind only good things and if you want to see God just meditate this is Link Summers-Perry. I'm ten and I sing, cook, and draw and I have a beautiful family with a wonderful big brother named Chase. Although we fight sometimes, we love each other and we fight a lot less than regular brothers so we only fight once in like three months! Luckily for me I have a mom and dad very kind and healthy people some people don't have anyone to be cared for so I know I'm lucky to have them. Last, but certainly not least, my sister Scout, she is so cute and she's three and behind in speech and we've never fought even when she breaks things of mine so enjoy life while you can. I hope you enjoyed this let God love you and you love him!