Looking into the light

One of the first things I learned in photography class was to not take pictures into the sun.  When photographing an object you normally want the light to be shining on the object, not lighting it from behind.  This puts the light behind or at least to the side of you.
I quickly realized that I like breaking the rules.  I was intrigued much more by the light and the object in silhouette of the light, rather than the main subject.  I've always preferred the shots I've taken that are really about the light.  I fell in love with photographing the dusty beams of light in tobacco barns, the foggy early morning light through a thick tree canopy, and though I've never photographed them, I love the under water rays of light that bounce around with the gentle waves above.
While working professionally, I try to make objects (buildings) as pleasing as possible.  My real joy comes from appreciating how light and spirit interact with objects and living things.
I'm always more comfortable, creative, patient, and grateful when I turn towards the light and appreciate how it dances, plays, and illuminates the beauty of all things.