Living the symbols

As I look at the profile photos of my friends changing to =, and I reflect on getting my = tattoo almost a year ago, it makes me think about the symbols we use as markers for our growth.  I do not want to take anything away from the cross symbol.  I know that it serves many purposes for Christians.  I believe that its use in healthy religion moves people toward equality.
I just want to hold up that it is my belief that if we, as a species, would grasp and live by the '=', then there wouldn't have been a '+'.  
I think Jesus died on the + because he lived by the =.  

I think our challenge (purpose even) is to stop crucifying others and live equally with everyone.  It is a divine challenge for us to move past our egos that inherently need to focus on differences and hierarchies, to our true selves, our unique but equal piece of the ultimate pie, to love and live with all of our human differences, the fruits and destinies of our human ability to choose what to do with these forms.  How long will we carry the word without living the message?  

I long for the day we live more in '=' and less on the '+'