Stayin' alive

A year ago, on my birthday, a man who was a wonderfully gentle virtual uncle to me passed away. As I grieved the loss, I recognized a different way to "let go." I probably read it in one of the many spiritual books that I am reading, or maybe it was because he died on Easter, but I'm glad the question bubbled up.
Can we keep the spirit of someone we love alive after they drop the body? Here is what I am trying:

When grieving the loss of someone you love, meditate on the special gifts that made their spirit unique.
Think about how you live your life in similar or different ways.
Is there a way you could change your habits or open your eyes to a new perspective because of your intimate understanding of their spirit?
How could you incorporate offering their gifts as you move around in this realm?
Think about the people in your life that have similar gifts.
Celebrate the connection you have with them and sit in gratitude of how they keep the spirit of your loved one alive, even if they didn't know each other.
Keep the beauty and love you have for the special people in your life by living and sharing their gift after their human container has completed its journey.

After jotting down this 'how-to', I thought a bit about the folks who I've known that have passed on. I think it is important to retrospectively honor and connect with how my spirit can grow, develop, and carry their spirit on thanks to the gift of knowing them.

Papa Tom S- creativity, passion, and courage
Billy S- Beauty in simplicity
Granny G- spunk!
Mammy H- tenacity
Tony and Tom O- living in love with laughter
Diana H- gratitude, mindfulness, joy
Elise G- commitment to making the world a better place, regardless of age
Mike S- love and wonder of nature and all living things

I think I will incorporate their spirits into my daily spiritual practice so that I can make a commitment and intention to bring them with me as I travel from one moment to another on this journey.