Pause for Peace


A few weeks ago we rewrote Psalms for our weekly spiritual practice lab class we call 'Con-spire'.  The following is Psalm 72 rewritten by Paz Vital

Give the gift of wisdom and compassion to the people, 

O Beloved, the gift of mercy to all generations!

May the people be known for mercy and compassion, rendering love and equity to all. May the poverty disappear!

Let the spirits soar as the eagle. Let joy abide in every heart! May we work hard to make suffering and the inequity disappear. Rendering love and equity to all. May  the oppression disappear!

May we spend more time in meditation before we counsel!

Blessed be the Beloved, the one who brings happiness and freedom to the people, who guides us along the way. Blessed be You, who come in name of Love; may your glory fill the whole Universe! 

Amen and Amen 

By Paz Vital

I've adopted this as my prayer in living with compassion in a world that longs to be healed and united.

Grace, and vital peace to each of you!