Giving up my greatest regrets

In light of many related stories circulating right now, I recognize a residual trigger.  I have an important step to take in my journey to wholeness.  For lent this year, I'm giving up the violence that has silently been sustained by guilt and shame.  I give up my greatest regrets.  I will pray with this each day through this season.  My guess is there is an untold number of people that I could hold with me in this prayer.  Grace and peace to each of you.

I forgive myself for not watching where he hid the key.  I forgive myself for not saying "no" "soon enough" or "loudly enough".  I forgive myself for not trusting my own power.  I forgive myself for not "fighting harder."  I forgive myself for the silence.  I forgive myself for the the others that suffered at the same hands.  I forgive myself for becoming apathetic toward myself.  I forgive myself for taking 30 years to forgive myself.  I forgive myself.  I receive Grace, for-give-ness sake.  I celebrate finding the hidden key.  I celebrate being free.