Made of Stardust

I am made of stardust. I breathe timeless air.

My body carries all of my ancestors in there.

We are all different, everything under the sun.

None of us are separate.  We are all one.

Each moment we open our eyes to see.

We give the past a chance to be free.

For our bodies, others’ and the earth we care.

There’s plenty of help, love, and joy to share.

Every person, animal, and plant on earth

Breathe in ancient air and breathe out new birth.

Sometimes we follow and sometimes we lead.

Sometimes we don’t get what we need

Like choices, friends, rest, and play.

We get sad and don’t know what to say.

A parent or teacher shows us what to do.

Or we have an idea and try something new.

When we remember that we all are one,

The choices we make help us share the fun.

I am made of stardust and I know you are too.

I hope it shows in what I say and do.

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