Ode to Love

Love is one of the universal needs we talk about in Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication, NVC). Universal needs are shared by every human on the planet and we all deserve to have them met.

I'm going to try to write about each of our shared values (needs) as a gratitude practice.  I hope in sharing, they'll be helpful to others.

Often talked about,
yet difficult to put into words.
At the heart of many interactions,
yet sometimes buried in the strangest habits.
Let us celebrate when we notice it.
Let us be glad in the times we're shaken from our slumber.

This week after picking up our daughter from preschool, she asked me in a sweet, sincere, soft voice, "Mama, are you happy?"  My physical state changed.  My headache loosened its grip.  My chest filled with warmth.  My shoulders pulled back to open my chest to receive more warmth.  My fatigue turned to energy.  With a lightness, a sweetness, my facial muscles shifted from its headache induced grimace to a softened, smile and I replied, "yes, Scout, I am so happy, thank you for asking."

The value that was filled most in her question was love.
I am grateful for how love showed up in my life this week.

Grace in, peace out