Heal it before your kid feels it!

“What we don’t transform, we transmit” ~Richard Rohr.
Think about how your kids push your buttons.  How do you get emotionally triggered?  Children help us find what we need to heal. They can bring old wounds to the tender surface.  We can use these moments as clues to shine a new light of transforming and healing grace.  I am focusing on creating and utilizing tools of NVC to help parents heal their triggers so that their hearts and minds can be open to parenting in a way that is in line with their values.  I want to provide workshops and classes, various individual, partner and group exercises to help parents reframe common conflicts into NVC, needs and feelings based language, to foster healing, transformation, connection and understanding.  Several short activities will be offered as daily practices for parents and kids to stay connected with their own needs and feelings as well as the balance of needs within the family.  This work is heavily based in grace and self care by teaching daily practices including morning intentions, evening reflections, and weekly check-ins that are quick activities to keep us constantly in tune with how we want to parent.
Anecdote- If a parent struggles with feeling good enough, and they perceive they are being judged by others whenever their kids do not behave a certain way, then the parent’s reaction may have more to do with their own feelings of inadequacy.  They may project that onto the child with more disappointment and anger than the situation would dictate.  NVC practices of emergency self-empathy and transformation of core beliefs would be effective exercises to connect the parent with what is truly behind their reaction and help them work through transforming the deep wounds so that their automatic response is coming from a different source.

Grace in, peace out

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