What to be when I grow up

Link: I want to be an artist but very few make very much money.
Me: That may be true but many of them find creative jobs that do have steady incomes or they work in a steady job and do their art too.
Link: When did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up?
Me: I was 23. Then I changed my mind a few years ago, then again last year.
Link: How did you know?
Me: You learn to listen to your heart. It is also good to have a back up plan.
Link: I wish I could see into the future so I didn't have to figure this out for myself.
Me: That's why it is good to follow your heart and don't just do what others tell you that you should do. When you follow your heart, you end up where you want to be.
Link: So you're telling me not to listen to you? hahahaha
Me: Exactly