To be or to be? That is the question

I like the separation of the I am verb in Spanish.
From in regards to the Spanish language:
"Ser tells you what something is, the nature of its being, while estar refers more to what something does."
So maybe....The ego wants to be e*star* and the divine indwelling is a se(e)r.

I think if we separated the two enough, they might describe our ego condition and our true selves. One "I am" would describe what has always been at the soul level, what was always there even when it was covered up by the drama of a situation or condition. This would be what Richard Rohr refers to "who we were before we were born." My personal belief is that this is our basic goodness, our Buddha nature. The other would merely talk about the condition, the circumstances and how the ego, strategies, habits, and reactions form around any given condition. I believe that within each of us, we have a human condition AND a divine indwelling. I think the path to peace is in seeing these two clearly and letting them do a dance without losing one to the other. I think one of our greatest challenges is seeing these in another person, and honoring each.
I think we spend a lot of time describing each other and ourselves as that conditional I am and very little time looking at the constant, unconditional, true self. How many times have you had conversations where people describe themselves outside the realm of what they "do?"

I think Jesus' teachings help us see examples and practice moving beyond the human condition and into seeing and loving the divine indwelling in each of us.  I think when some practices in religion seek to define teachings and mold them into a way of defining a person or group of people by their condition and not who they are at the true self level, then we have an unhealthy religion.  I'm learning ways of getting into the text of the bible and letting the verses read into my condition, opening doors that may be lead me farther into knowing the true self (mine and others').  I think when we are taught to focus on getting our conditions in order for "judgement day", we miss the point that we can experience heaven on earth by rejecting the urge to judge and connect at the deeper, consistent "I am" level.  We miss the point that God loves us regardless of our human condition.  While we're running around giving all the power to our conditional "I am", we're missing out on the fact that God loves us UNconditionally and that s/he gave us the power and the free will to choose to experience unconditional love with every other creature.
What a divine challenge.
What if we see past the condition and skip the judgement and love ourselves and each other, as the divine does, unconditionally.  Well grounded, deep rooted connection cultivates love free from condition.  What is more peaceful than unconditional love?