Labyrinth walk with Enneagram cues

Last Saturday I walked the labyrinth with prepared cues for my enneagram type in a day of prayer service at St. Paul's.  We were given statements and affirmations.  These were used at (1) the entrance, (2) center, and (3) exit of the labyrinth.  Mine were as follows:  (1) Being skeptical can cause others to mistrust me.  (2) How can I let go of distrust of others and begin to trust more in myself? (3) I trust others easily.  I relax the need to find certainty and look inside first for the answers.

As a six, I tend to fear everything.  I feel unsafe, I mistrust, I am worried and anxious about who I am and how I appear to others.  I am a counter-phobic six which means I meet these fears head on.  A lot of the spiritual work I do focuses on getting to know myself, learning what helps me connect with sacred mystery, and how I can relax with faith that when things are not going as I think they should, that I will know what is mine to do and let go of what is not mine.  A lot of energy is spent on shedding light on what I perceive as darkness.  When given the chance to walk the labyrinth and meet the challenge of letting go of mistrust and fear, I realized how silly and useless some of this hard work is.  I saw myself and the others walking the labyrinth simultaneously as beams of light circling, passing, dancing with each other as one source, one liberated, pure loving light.
It is easy for us to see the light in others who are "like us", or even better, like what we aspire to be.  It is more difficult for us to see past the labels, sensationalized differences, human faults and brokenness, to see the light in others who fail as we do.  Especially those whose journeys we know nothing about.  It is so much easier for me, and maybe other 'sixes' and even other enneagram types, to be skeptical of my abilities as well as the intentions of others.  I relate to the humanness more than the divine light within us.
As I walked, it struck me that all the time my ego spends analyzing my faults, relating to the faults in others, trying to understand and accept others' human qualities, is a waste of time and energy.  What if none of that matters?  What if our divine light, our mystical shared energy sees each other, loves each other, is one with each other regardless of how much we care, analyze, and worry.  One big leap of faith for me is to believe that sacred mystery is within me and that it is within everyone regardless of what my mind and heart are ready to believe.  What if our brokenness, our humanness, our egos, mask a light that cares not if that mask approves of any other mask.  It IS one with the other at a level we must work hard to see.
One of my favorite movies is Freedom Writers.  It is based on a true story of a teacher working in an integrated school a couple of years after the riots in Los Angeles in the 90s.  The characters are seemingly very different and as the story progresses, a deep knowing of each other takes place.  My favorite scene in the movie happens in the hall outside of the classroom.  The teacher looks at a student who has very little hope in his future and she says to him "I see you."  She is speaking about seeing something in him that is beyond words.  I believe that we get a glimpse of heaven here on earth every time we connect at this level.  Namaste.

Grace in, love, light and peace out