Miao Tsan 9/23/12 My notes

My summary -Our work is clearly to see clearly.

Although there is NO substitution for being in the zenmaster's presence, I wanted to memorialize this morning's lesson in hopes that I can recall some keypoints.

To get as close as you can to being there, please download the audio from his talk at www.ordinarylife.org

I am looking forward to reading his new book, Intrinsic Awakened Mind. I read Just Use This Mind and feel that it was one of the most influential books in helping see a variety of truths in a less altered way.

Points I noted in the order I think he covered it. These are almost exact quotes - minimal paraphrasing. 

"Faith is important
Faith in who we are
Faith in where we are going
Faith in oneness"

"When we lose faith, we have no purpose, our life has no meaning."

"All we can do is transcend our defective personalities so that we can
connect with oneness."

"Suffering occurs when we disconnect from this oneness."

"We are here to learn the illusion of our individuality."

"We are one."

"Our separation from that oneness is our individual illusion."

"If you cannot help your defective personality, you cannot help anyone else."

"We take one step forward the moment we lose ourselves to be alive in oneness. Instead, when we show up for ourselves in a moment, we die or pass on, with that moment."

We are all radios. No matter what frequency which each operate inn, as long as our power is "off", we are unable to get any signal, no matter what frequency we are tuned to. When we open our mind, we are turning on that receiver.

"Truth does not require your agreement."

If we are looking to oneness ALWAYS, then we will always see others as we see ourselves instead of seeing another as the "other".