Compassionate Communication "NVC" resources

Compassionate Communication (NVC) starting point

Below you will find my favorite resources for learning the basics and growing into the practice of Nonviolent Communication.  My hope is that my practice will lead to a more nonjudgmental, instinctual,  response to myself and others rooted in equality, observed (not valued) reality, understanding and clear requests leading to mutually beneficial solutions or recognized unmet universal needs.  For authenticity sake, I want to share that this is something I practice.  I don't want to create an illusion that I am skilled at it yet.

I want to also share that in a time period where I practiced it frequently, I was able to connect from a place of universal needs (in lieu of fear) and equality that I shared in the "Welcome Home" post. 

 *I HIGHLY recommend the Peaceful Living book, even if you are not ready to learn the method or take any steps towards practicing.  This book helps change perspective on very common daily situations. LOVE LOVE LOVE


In Houston: 
Houston NVC website visit here to connect with workshops and practice groups

In the web world and outside Houston: