Being Enough, Having Enough

We take so much pride in being busy. When you ask someone how they are, the answer usually eludes to some form of busy. I've recently made some major life changes. I'd be lying if I said they were all well planned, thoughtful changes towards my spiritual transformation, HAHA. Quite the opposite, I made a big mess, and in the process of cleaning it up, I discovered what went wrong while painfully picking up each fragment. The big difference in my life now is the way I feel about myself and what I have. In order to really feel like I am enough, good enough, I have to stay familiar with who I am, what I need, what is important to me. All of this soul searching is done while carefully understanding that EVERY being is my equal and all this self knowledge and self care is to be done without becoming
self absorbed!
When I get out of balance, I have a void that either requires "doing" more to prove my self worth, or "buying" myself some happiness. When I start getting too busy or I start wanting to buy stuff I don't need, I need to stop and look at what's really missing. It is usually some form of authentic connection with others.
When I focus on filling that void with slowing down and connecting with friends and/or family and I get the sense that I am enough and I have enough, then I find my balance and I want less stuff and I enjoy quiet time. For me, wanting more stuff is directly related to not being enough, no amount of doing is going to fix that.