I Whispered, “No”

I whispered, “No.” 
I whispered, 

I whispered because it was
the raised voice
of fear and dread
that raised
fists and so
I never raise
my voice because
I see it
my only choice.
I stay beneath,
a whispered no,
the closest
I can get to just.
I keep myself
quiet, hidden,
I must.

Out of pure
I was thrust.

The whisper that
was meant for you
may not have
met your ear.
The raised fists that
railed against
tender hearts
were never yours
and yet I aimed
my rage at you
for years.

Out of quiet
went my pure.

Now I raise
my shakeless voice
to love myself
and lift the curse.
The loss, the taking
was no one
in that room’s