Practice with a Tear and a Smile

Cloud, 12"x12" acrylic on canvas board

Cloud, 12"x12" acrylic on canvas board

This week in Conspire / Practice Houston, we practiced Lectio Divina with Khalil Gibran’s poem, A Tear and a Smile.

I found the full poem on this web page,

Here is a link to the practice instructions for creating a Lectio Divina Collage.
If you enjoy this practice, here are some ways to search for poetry to use for your practice. For this poem, I searched the Poem Hunter website for a topic. I also subscribe to a Poem a Day on

Often when I practice Lectio Divina, I also create a found poem or blackout poem. These are the lines I lifted from Khalil Gibran’s beautiful piece.

Flow from every part
hidden things
a tear to unite
depths of my spirit
flower folds her petals
the sun’s kiss
cloud floats
move in the world of matter
a joy to meet
the breeze of death
return the ocean

The idea that felt the most comforting and consoling was an image of a white puffy cloud floating across a bright blue sky, carrying the weight and the depths of the oceans. My prayer of intention became this

Move in the world of matter as a cloud floats
carry the depths of the ocean
with grace and ease, float.