Looking and Listening Lessons


My first piece produced via amazing art instruction and studio time...was a still life, .Prisma on paper. The last one I made under that instruction was a 2x3' lighthouse landscape chalk pastel on paper circa 1984 or 1985......after a 30 year hiatus from creating this kind of work, aside from a few renderings in architecture school, and a commission for a motorcycle trade show...I got back in art class at the art league in 2014-ish, learning how to paint with watercolor and other things. On may 16 of last year, after playing with the paint tools on my iPad my curiosity took over and I bought acrylics and a canvas....Almost a year later, I find myself remembering and leading a studio in my house, similar to the one I attended and planning an art program and an incredible launch! Fear and a lack of trust in my own longings and curiosities kept me from fully connecting with this joy for three decades. I am so grateful to finally see how all of my wanderings and restlessness were working together to find the path to playing and listening deeply to students of all ages whose curiosities and longings will be heard, seen, and celebrated, just like mine were at age 15. I hope to help others receive and believe in themselves. Hopefully they won't wait 30 years, and/ or they will see how their wanderings hold the thread of creativity like mine did....art and creativity were always there. What I learned through art instruction fueled every success since....it was there all along in every innovation and transformation in every career and every project....and now..it all makes sense.