How does it make you feel?

Why I teach parenting-
It is not because I know better.
It is not because I do it better. Lord knows I have had a "parenting fail" the day of almost every session I have lead.
It is because I see how what I've been taught makes our relationships better. It is because the two way streets of compassion, connection, and understanding I have with our children make heaven on earth for me. 

This Linkism is everything. This is why I jump at every chance to share these tools and resources.

"I need to move my stuff out of the art studio."
"Are you giving it up for financial reasons?"
"Primarily, but even if I had that kind of money each month, it would probably be better spent on painting lessons."

"How does letting it go make you feel?"

Reflecting back now, my answer is, "Your asking this question in the tone that you did, with curiosity and compassion, and willingness to sit with me, with my tears, makes me feel so much love, connection, respect, that I don't remember if I was sad or disappointed. I am so joyful in being seen, heard, and loved."