My Little Purpose - a Linkism on cutie marks

Every now and then Link asks me, "why can't we have cutie marks?  I mean how many years do we spend trying to figure that out?  How old will I be when I realize my mark?"  This may be a reflection of having a 4yr old little sister that loves My Little Ponies and a mom that just can't stop searching for the 'why' to go with the 'how' in my life.   I was recently preparing for a talk on The Cloud of Unknowing when this question came around again. Then I did another talk on the Enneagram and Parenting where I started really investigating personality and thought pattern tendencies for different types.
Link is really onto something here.  As I was contemplating this question, I looked up cutie marks on Google, and there they were, quizzes you could take to see which cutie mark you'd have if you were a pony in Ponyville.
Well, that's great, but we aren't ponies, and we aren't in Ponyville.  We are complex beings with a myriad of responsibilities, expectations, curiosities, and brains equipped with filters and judgments. If we can really be honest about it, we have more questions than answers.
I recently had some breakthroughs towards finding meaning and purpose in my life.  I've begun to have strangers approach me and say, "You look like someone who must be happy all of the time."  "I can see that you are on to something."  "You are lucky you found your calling."  I might start responding by saying, "Well, I didn't just wake up and discover a cutie mark on my left hip.  I've been on a quest my entire life.  I've been to so many workshops, taken so many classes, and read so many books, my niece said "You should be given an honorary PhD in self help!"
What might my cutie mark look like?  I suppose it would be a cutie mark that symbolizes cutie marks.  As a spiritual director I want to help people to embrace and welcome their cutie mark and pony designer that connects us all, to deeply connect with our flare that is unique, has always been there, and that puts us in Ponyville, right here on earth.