What if

What if we all honored our spirit and everyone else's equally?
What if we could honor it as one thriving spirit? (Regardless of what faith tradition is practiced to bolster it.)
What if you could see everyone as an equal beautiful spirit?
What if you could see why people make the choices and take the actions they do?
What if everyone could understand yours?
What if you could forgive yourself and learn from the choices you've made that you regret?
What if you could forgive and let go of all of the choices others made that effected your attempts?
What if everyone else could do the same?
What if you began living AS IF each of these are possible?

I am celebrating the gift of Nonviolent Communication consciousness.

Visit the HoustonNVC.org site to find a practice group and to engage in the process and community that seeks fulfillment of our needs, equally.

Visit key2peace.com to view other blogposts and my events page for upcoming talks on The Cloud of the Unknowing, Parenting with the Enneagram (and nonviolent communication), and Daily Spiritual Practice.

Grace In, peace out,