Feminism had nothing to do with feminine energy

I'm sure this isn't a new point, but living my journey, my understanding of feminism almost took my life.  At my turning point I didn't recognize who I had become.  My mantra became "just because you can, doesn't mean you should."  I could reach the top, at the expense of all my soul really cares for, but should I?
Feminism had nothing to do with female energy.  Today as the real value of that energy becomes nurtured in both genders, the culture we live in is still a harsh place to bring this energy, maybe even worsened by rewarding females for dropping their loving, collaborative parts for the sake of competition and financial success.
I don't want to be a woman who can succeed by acting like a man in a man's world
I want to be a woman that can act like a woman and succeed in a world that's no longer only man's world.
When we can all be wholly who we are and were meant to be, regardless of gender and despite what currently 'makes the world go round.'  Then we will know balance, justice, and peace.

Grace in, peace out

Disclaimer - this is not about men vs. women it is about knowing, embracing, and expressing the masculine and feminine energy we all have access to within us.  It is about power with, not power over.