Book Notes - Just Use This Mind by Master Miao Tsan

This book is about releasing or freeing ourselves from our thoughts.  The author describes how our thoughts about what is happening intercepts our mind from the truth.  This interaction of our thoughts and our senses creates our reality.  We can make the choice to recognize this and begin to understand how it is that our thoughts cause our suffering.  Tsan provides a simple definition of attachment and explains how attachment, materialistic pursuits and sensory over-stimulation blind us to our true identity and cause us to shut mental doors that need to be open in order for us to develop a "more fulfilling life."

I would recommend this book to someone that is interested in recognizing how their ego, their need to control, compare, ruminate creates and recreates a reality with pain, frustration and separation.  This would be a good source for someone that is wondering why and/or how certain people or groups trigger them and "cause them suffering."

"When we lack the mastery of our own mind, we become the victim of our own mind functioning." pg 164.