Book Notes - I Will Not Die an Unlived Life by Dawna Markova

This is a short book and easy to read.  The book can help someone live into a more integrated life.  If the reader is poised to take a close look at what their heart may be calling them to do, they may be supported in putting this information into action.  The author brings up several different questions that can help the readers identify the choices we make that put us where we are.  It also becomes clear that knowing ourselves and what we are passionate about can really help us make choices in the future to put us where we are suppose to be and doing what we find fulfilling.
I would recommend this book to anyone that has identified a hunger for more out of life but may not know what is missing.
My favorite quotes from this book are:
"My head is stuffed with knowledge, but something in me is still starving." pg xii
"May we learn how to love well.  May we all find something to love that is larger and more powerful than anything we fear."  pg 69
"We cheat ourselves by identifying with a limited notion of who we are so we can fit in, belong to lives so much smaller than our souls long for us to be." pg 132
"What have I been given with which to give?  Where do my talents and the needs of the world intersect?"  pg 163

From page 82, a quote from Victor Frankl, "It's not the events in your life that determine who you are, it's how you choose to respond to them."