Book Notes - Everything Belongs by Richard Rohr

I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to get a thorough understanding of contemplation and non-duality. Rohr makes clear how these are particularly helpful in our culture and in the world, they help us deeply connect with who we really are and ultimately with
mystery. There are examples of non-duality throughout this book. Rohr illustrates an ability to relax into faith enough to be able to hold both sides of seemingly separate or even opposite sides simultaneously. By carefully and gently stripping away our perceptions of ourselves and misguided, human notions about God, we can begin to let go, release, "fall up" into a more enlightened, broader understanding of ourselves and God. He warns us of the danger of belonging in that it is easier for us to relate to a group than to God and this can take us away from God.
In this process of "Falling Upward", we become "who we were before we thought about who we are", pg 77

Here are some of my other favorite lines:

"If we lead with the calculating mind, we'll never get to love." pg 95
"Healthy religion is an enthusiasm about what is, not an anger about what isn't." pg 96
"The most courageous thing we will ever do is bear humbly the mystery of our own reality." pg 97
"some say FEAR is an acronym "false evidence appearing real." pg 143