What would you wish for?

On the way home from school one day, Link asked me,"mom, if you met a genie and you could make wishes, what would they be?"  I said, "definitely more love in the world." He responded, "what else?"  I said, "of course I would want world peace."  He quickly responded with a little firmness to his voice, "I would NEVER wish for world peace."  My heart sank a bit because I thought, how could I be so wrong about this kid, he is always concerned about the peace in the world and challenging me with every possible way to stand up for any injustice he's witnessed.  So, I took a few breaths and queried with an open mind (as best I could), "why wouldn't you want world peace?"  He said without missing a beat, "because if we had world peace, what on earth, of any importance, would we ever need to do?"
Well, that about sums it up.  To a kid that detests being bored, we sure have plenty of work to do and I feel so blessed to be his side kick!

Grace in, peace out