Peace on Earth, one moment at a time

I think when two or more of us gather and bring our most open-minded, most compassionate, and most healed and comfortable selves, then there is heaven.  I don't think it is anyone else's place to choose what creates that state for anyone else.  I think we can share what works for us as a true gift with no attachment or expectation about it after the presentation.  I am in the process of adding some meditations, spiritual practices, etc.  If they help you in any way, great.  If they have no application for your life, hey, that is cool too. If you have practices or ideas, please share.
There is so much "they should" in the air right now and to me it is hard to hear.  What we have a choice in is WHO we present and HOW we engage in each precious moment.
May you and I find what we need to feed that who and how so that more moments of peace and joy populate our space.